Proof is a new podcast from America’s Test Kitchen, hosted by Bridget Lancaster. It goes beyond recipes and cooking to investigate the foods we love (such as deep-fried oreos and tiki drinks) and don’t love (like once-in-vogue celery and the meteoric rise of the grain bowl). We ask the big questions (where do food cravings come from?) and uncover the hidden backstories that feed your food-obsessed brain. Proof solves food mysteries, one story at a time.

New episodes air weekly on Thursdays.



S5:E6 | 9.24.2020

Hive Heist

Under the cover of almond groves, a new branch of crime has an unusual target: bees.


S5:E5 | 9.18.2020

You’re a Good Man, Brady Keys

In the 1960s, the path to Civil Rights was paved with profits — and Brady Keys’ All-Pro Chicken was the gold standard of Black capitalism.


S5:E4 | 9.10.2020

The Case of the Disappearing Franchise

Historian and fast food detective Marcia Chatelain explores the cases of franchises that disappeared without a trace.


S5:E3 | 9.3.2020

The Mysterious Yamei Kin

Dr. Kin had charisma, a medical degree, and support from the USDA — but she still couldn't convince Americans to eat tofu.


S5:E2 | 8.27.2020

Will the Real Mr. Oreo Please Stand Up?

Biscuit wars, rebellion-by-Oreo, and the "Real" Mr. Oreo: In this collaboration with Business Insider’s Brought To You By, we take a closer look at the many layers of history behind America’s favorite cookie.


S5:E1 | 8.20.2020

The Search for the Queerest Food

Reporter Chad Chenail attempts to answer the question: what is the queerest food?


Meet our Team

Bridget Lancaster - Host and Producer

Host and Producer

Bridget Lancaster

Bridget Lancaster hosts and produces Proof. She’s also the Co-Host of the company’s two Emmy-nominated television shows, America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country.

Kaitlin Keleher - Executive Producer

Executive Producer

Kaitlin Keleher

Kaitlin Keleher is the Executive Producer of Proof and Supervising Producer of the Emmy-nominated television shows, America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country.

Jack Bishop - Chief Creative Officer

Chief Creative Officer

Jack Bishop

Jack Bishop is the Chief Creative Officer of America's Test Kitchen. He helped launch Cook's Illustrated in 1993 and is a founding editor of Cook's Country magazine and the company's book publishing division.

Sara Joyner - Producer


Sara Joyner

Sara Joyner is the Producer of Proof, as well as the company's two television shows, America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country.

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Ultraviolet Audio - Engineer / Sound Designer

Scoring / Sound Design / Mixing

Ultraviolet Audio

Ultraviolet Audio collaborates with podcasters, audio producers and media companies providing audio services ranging from basic editing to scoring, mixing and sound design.

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